ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s. as a member of ZVVZ GROUP is a business-engineering company that plans, designs, delivers and installs plants for treatment of waste gases, to remove the solid and gaseous pollutants, plants for pneumatic transport of loose materials, machines for air-conditioning and ventilation of nuclear power stations, air-conditioning of buildings and ventilation of industrial workshops, mines, tunnels and underground.

Within its business activities it offers the following deliveries and services:


  • Bag filters
  • Electrostatic precipitators and mechanical separators
  • Pneumatic transport of loose materials
  • Conditioners and heat exchangers
  • Equipment for air-conditioning, ventilation, also for nuclear power stations
  • Filter-ventilation devices and closing elements, also for nuclear power stations


  • Processing of project documentation
  • Turn-key implementation of plants
  • Installation work
  • Repairs and reconstructions of existing plants
  • Services and consulting activities