About ZVVZ a.s.

ZVVZ Company was founded in 1948 and soon became the largest manufacturer of ventilation equipment in Czechoslovakia with an established network of installation and service centeres.

Since the beginning of the production program we focused mainly on supplying fans, separators and filters for dust removal and capturing dust particles, and drying equipment for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials. At present, all manufacturing activities under their wing have been taken over by the newly formed company ZVVZ MACHINERY, a.s.

The company currently called ZVVZ a.s. provides a holding action for ZVVZ GROUP, Inc. and service activities for companies in the group (finance, accounting, holding controlling, human resources, IT management, property management).



Company Profile


ZVVZ a.s.
Sažinova 888
399 01  Milevsko
Czech republic

Phone: +420 382 551 111
Fax: +420 382 521 163